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Train Your Staff in This Vital Communication Skill, Quickly and Affordably

In this economy, chances are that you’ve had to slash your training budget. If that’s the case, you’re not alone. 

According to Training magazine’s 2008 industry report, average training expenditures fell by 11% from 2007 to 2008. In addition, companies are diverting their shrinking training dollars to cover only the most critical training projects.

Given this environment, it’s understandable if you’re hesitant to allocate training dollars to basic communication skills like e-mail. However, when it comes to e-mail, better training can save your company money and help you beat your competition.

It’s a fact: E-mail is now the most common form of business communication today, having largely replaced internal memos, external letters to customers, and even reports and proposals. 

And that means plenty of opportunity for error…

Effective E-mail, a fun and fast-paced DVD featuring Dr. Bette Frick, The Text Doctor®, provides in-depth training on best e-mail practices at an affordable, stay-within-your-budget price of only $99.

A more thoughtful approach to e-mail

If there’s one thing  experts agree on, it’s that the ease and popularity of e-mail make it ripe for abuse—whether that means failing to plan a message, writing carelessly, ignoring basic rules of etiquette, or worse.

In Effective E-Mail, Dr. Frick encourages listeners to think before they write—to ask not only what they’re trying to communicate but also whether e-mail’s even the best option. 

Students learn:

  • When it’s better to call instead of e-mail

  • Why the quality of e-mail writing does matter

  • How to avoid career-derailing e-mail errors

  • Which e-mail rules are firm and which are still evolving

  • Writing tips that ensure great results every time

  • Productivity tips that save everyone’s time

  • How to manage your inbox for maximum efficiency

  • And more…

Students come away with a broader appreciation of email and practical tips they can use immediately to strengthen their writing skills, increase their own and their company’s productivity, and work more effectively with clients.

"I found the Text Doctor's DVD "Effective E-mail" to be very comprehensive in conveying both things to do and not to do when communicating via e-mail. I felt so strongly that it is worth the 50 minutes it takes to view the whole program that I have shared my copy with coworkers"Terry Ricke, Senior Business Analyst,  Cardiac Rhythm Disease Management Medtronic, Inc.

What’s included on the DVD

Effective E-mail presents five fast-paced, information-packed lessons on a 50-minute DVD. Each lesson includes a quick, onscreen self-test that engages readers and reinforces learning. 

Lesson 1: Understand the Good News/Bad News. Gain perspective on e-mail by understanding its advantages and disadvantages.

Lesson 2: Choose to Use E-mail. Communicate effectively by selecting the best communication medium for your message, which is not always email. 

Lesson 3: Improve Readability. Ensure that your message gets read by following these proven practices for writing, formatting and styling emails. 

Lesson 4: Use Netiquette. Protect your employees’ and your company’s reputation—and respect your readers—by following online etiquette.

Lesson 5: Increase Productivity. Save everyone’s time by eliminating wasted effort and managing your e-mail system more effectively. 

"Your e-mail is an indication of your intelligence, maturity, communication skill, and character. Perception is reality online, both inside and outside your organization"from Effective E-mail 


Also included on the DVD—links to structured handouts students can use to take notes on each lesson; a comprehensive guide to additional online resources; and an FAQ you can post to your intranet for further training. Dr. Frick also includes her e-mail address for follow-up questions.


Reinforce your existing e-mail policy.

Already have an e-mail policy in place? Effective E-mail can help extend and reinforce that knowledge in a fun and entertaining way that gets students thinking. 

And Dr. Frick reminds students at regular intervals to adhere to their company’s policies and guidelines—so you have a built-in “enforcer” for your policies! 

Just $99 trains all of your employees in best e-mail practices. 

For a one-time investment of only $99, you’ll be able to train all your employees to write more effective e-mails and use your e-mail system more productively. Plus, students receive valuable follow-up materials that extend their learning. 

When you order your DVD, you’ll receive a license that allows you to use it anywhere in your facility. Contact Dr. Frick to learn more about licensing the DVD for your training Intranet. 

Once you’ve ordered your DVD, you’ll receive it within 7 days via the U.S. Postal Service. Please contact Dr. Frick if you need faster service.

Order your DVD today and start saving your training dollars! 

About the instructor

Dr. Elizabeth (Bette) Frick creates better writers in organizations and companies like yours. She has been teaching e-mail, one of her most popular classes, since 1998 at over 60 companies throughout the country. Dr. Frick holds a B.A. in English from the University of Pennsylvania, an M.A. in English from the University of Hawaii, and a Ph.D. in English from the University of Minnesota. She was recently named an Associate Fellow of the Society for Technical Communication.

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