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Why Introverts Make Excellent Marketers

When you think of marketing, do you think of introversion or extroversion?

For me, because marketing is very big-picture and all-encompassing, it’s exciting and appeals to my penchant for synthesis, analysis, and writing—all of which I consider introvert attributes.

On the other hand, marketing also calls to mind activities I tend to associate with extroverted, talkative, rah-rah type “people” persons. And although I’ve come to be fascinated by marketing in many ways, I’m definitely one of those who has said on more than one occasion, “I’m terrible at marketing myself!” (especially the “putting yourself out there” aspects).

Marcia Yudkin, marketing consultant and wordsmith extraordinaire—and card-carrying introvert and fellow INTJ—has made it a mission to help introverts make the most of themselves.

In her free Marketing for Introverts Manifesto  (an audio recording), Marcia shares key insights on how introverts can use their tendencies to advantage in an extroverted world.

  • First, using her own experiences as an introverted child in a family that included some classic extroverts, Marcia explains how she gradually came into her own as adult. That included realizing that she enjoyed and excelled at public speaking.

  • Next, she describes 8 key introvert strengths, including strategic thinking and precision with language, that make introverts excellent marketers in their own right. In each case, she offers tips on how to ensure the strength gets used and appreciated.

  • Finally, we learn 15 marketing techniques introverts can use for getting their—or their clients’—message out, none of which includes cold-calling by the way. Many are techniques that involve writing, a favorite introvert skill and typical strength.

When asked by a participant on the call whether marketing wasn’t simply another business function introverts could learn, like bookkeeping or product fulfillment, Marcia stresses that for introverts, many of the typical marketing “shoulds” simply don’t fit and would have them “banging their heads against a wall” to achieve.


Better that introverts go with their strengths, which are considerable and nicely laid out in this thoughtful manifesto.

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