Editing Services


I've written, edited, and proofread web pages, articles, reports, training materials, and a variety of other documents for companies, nonprofit and government organizations, and individuals. 

Here's how I can help:

  • Content editing. I analyze the overall content, organization, and flow of your document, helping you clarify the purpose and audience if necessary. This level of editing may include rewriting. 

  • Copyediting. I edit your text to so it's clear and concise, punctuation is effective, and style choices (capitalization, etc.) are consistent. I use style guides (AP, Chicago, Gregg) for this purpose.  

  • Proofreading and light fact-checking. I check to ensure that typos, omissions, and grammatical, factual, or other  errors don't spoil your carefully crafted content. 

For examples of my writing and a before-and-after sample of marketing text I edited, see these writing and editing samples.

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