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The Yahoo! Style Guide


Which do you find more intriguing: "Link found between dinosaurs and barnyard birds" or "How T. rex turned into a chicken"? The difference is web style: a lean, lively way of writing that engages readers and invites them into your website.


While good books on web writing are available (Steve Krug's Don't Make Me Think!  and Ginny Redish's Letting Go of the Words  are two excellent ones), The Yahoo! Style Guide is in a class of its own. As a writing text and a style guide, it has everything you need in one handy reference:

  • Write tight, easy-to-read content that attracts the right audience, communicates your brand, and helps readers quickly navigate your site.

  • Master other forms of online writing, including blogs, newsletters, and e-mails, and learn how to use them to complement and promote your site.

  • Get up to speed on the latest trends in punctuation, capitalization, and number style, and understand that for online writing, less is not always more.

  • Learn the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) to get your content found in Google and provide relevant, keyword-rich copy for your readers.

To help you master online writing, the authors offer self-tests, checklists, and lots of before-and-after examples. Bloated paragraphs are transformed into svelte, powerful messages, and buried ideas emerge from the verbiage.


With The Yahoo! Style Guide, you'll be writing concise, compelling content in no time. And you'll also have the answers to those pesky style questions (like whether to use title case or sentence case for headings) at your fingertips.

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